Meet Experts in Revenue Management


We have excellent news for hoteliers! We are very excited to announce our partnership with PriceMatch to produce its Yield Academy tour around Europe and the United States to educate hoteliers about revenue management.

We announced a few months ago our partnership with PriceMatch, a leader in revenue management solution for hotels. This partnership means that we integrated the PriceMatch revenue management tool into our PMS, offering hotels the opportunity to increase their RevPar from 7% to 35%.

But we want to go further to help hoteliers learning more about revenue management!

Here is why:

The hospitality and travel industry is experiencing dramatic changes and the revenue management field is one of the most revolutionized areas due to Cloud computing. Revenue Management strategies will be more and more supported by sophisticated technologies hosted in the Cloud and data will be increasingly necessary in the decision making process.

In that context PriceMatch took the initiative to create the Yield Academy. This company is one of the most proactive Cloud-based software when it comes to education as well as paving the way of the age of democratic revenue management.

The Yield Academy is a program to help hotels acquire more knowledge about revenue management that is a crucial aspect of hotel management. The aim of the program is to provide hands-on practical trainings to teach hotels revenue management. The one-day Yield Academy is free for hoteliers.

PriceMatch organizes series of conferences where experts in revenue management are invited to give powerful insights for everyone. Besides, the events enable accommodation providers and industry hospitality leaders to discuss about the latest innovations, technologies and trends of the travel and hospitality industry.

Some pictures of one of the events in Paris, France:

event1 event2



The topics covered during the events include: revenue management strategies, online distribution, maximization of return on investment, rates optimization, key metrics to monitor and much more.

There are several Yield Academy conferences organized across France and the United States. Five conferences will be held in November in the French cities of Nice, Lyon, Toulouse, Montpellier and Nantes as well as one in San Francisco, California. David Dongais, Founder at Actimum Consulting and Ian Decaix, CEO at Gyro Conseil will be among the expert speakers in France. Nadim El Manawy, Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Frontdesk Anywhere, will discuss the benefits of Cloud computing for the hospitality industry.

The event in San Francisco will take place on November 18th. Stay tuned!

The events are free for hotel operators and anyone who manages, owns or operates hotels is encouraged to attend.

Yield Academy events enable hotels to:

  •       Get precious knowledge from experts in revenue management
  •       Stay up-to-date on revenue management best practices
  •       Meet and network with their peers
  •       Set themselves apart from their competitors

We are very excited to be part of the Yield Academy program. PriceMatch is a company that is truly committed to assisting hotels to manage their revenue management in an efficient manner. Like PriceMatch and the Yield Academy, we are firm believers in education empowering people and we are very happy to support their mission!