How It Works: User Levels


Why It Is Important:

Grant Access To Your Hotel Staff, Anywhere

Owners, managers, housekeeping staff, whoever it is, if they’re using Frontdesk Anywhere, they have cloud-based access to the system anywhere, anytime. By setting up user levels, you can grant specific access privileges or restrictions to staff based on the requirements of their role. Combined with our Work Shifts feature, users levels ensure each employee has the access they need and their work is accounted for.

How It Works:

Creating User Levels

In the Admin Settings, click on ‘User Levels’, under the ‘Users’ tab. You can create a new user level by clicking on the green ‘Add a new user level’ button at the bottom of the page. Fill in the box with the name and the description, and tick the box next to the work areas you want to make accessible to that level of users. Different work areas can include Housekeeping, Frontdesk, POS, Reporting etc.

You can customize users access on a more granular level by clicking on the ‘Permissions’ button on the user level list. In permissions, you will see a long list of access privileges for each area. Checking or unchecking items here will determine what your users can and can’t do in the system. For example, you can switch off the ability for certain users to see full credit card details, instead only showing the last four digits of a card.

Creating Users

Now that you have your User Levels configured, you can create new users. Click on the green button ‘Add a new user’ and fill in the relevant information such as contact details and login info. Most importantly you should choose their User Type which refers to their level of access. If a team member leaves their position at the property, you can quickly deactivate their access by clicking the blue check box under ‘Status’ in the Users tab.

Contact for assistance in creating new users.