How It Works: Stay Restrictions

Stay-Restriction-01Why It Is Important:

Control The Duration of Your Guests Stay

For hotels, certain periods are naturally busier than others. During the high seasons of summer and New Years, hoteliers typically require their guests to stay a specific minimum number of nights and often enforce a maximum stay duration too. Alternatively, properties might choose to close out their availability for some rooms entirely. In either case, this is where the Stay Restrictions option comes in useful in Frontdesk Anywhere.

How It Works:

Making A Stay Restriction

In your Frontdesk Anywhere account, navigate to the Admin Settings. Once you’re there, click on the hyperlinked ‘Stay Restrictions’ button found underneath the ‘Rates’ section. You can choose from two options: ‘Add Min/Max Requirement’ and ‘Add Close-Out Period’.

Add Min/Max Requirement:

For the period option, add the ‘To’ and ‘From’ dates first. There is an option to select which days of the week the rule is applied to. You may select week days, weekends or just the entire week. You must then choose whether to enter a minimum or maximum number of days. Finally, choose whatever channels you wish to enforce this rule on. Check the box under OBOE to enforce the restriction on your Frontdesk Anywhere booking engine. You could then for example stop people from booking a reservation less than 3 days during the New Years period.

Add Close-Out Period

Adding close out periods works similarly to to the min/max stay rule. If you have slower periods during the year, this might be a good time to do renovation work or even take a holiday. Closing out your rooms will ensure your rooms can’t be booked online. Select the ‘To’ and ‘From’ duration, the days it’s applied to and then the ‘Closed to arrival’ or ‘closed to departure’ options. For ‘Rates’ choose the rates you want to make the restriction applicable to. Save your changes before leaving the page. Remember to check the box next to the tag ‘Status’ in order to enforce the restriction. To erase a restriction, check the box on the left-hand side of the relevant column, and click on the green delete button

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