How It Works: Splitting A Guest's Reservation


Why It Is Important:

Accommodate Your Guests Needs While Consolidating Their Information

The split reservation function is useful when a guest has a booking but you need to move them to another room for part of their stay. Instead of making a new reservation you can add a split to the current folio so all the important information will be consolidated into one folio and guest receipt. You can tell when a reservation has a split on the tape chart as it will have an arrow on each end indicating the reservation continues on or has prior nights.

How It Works:

Splitting A Guests Reservation

To start, simply open the guest’s folio on the tape chart, click the hyperlinked room name and select the appropriate room from the pop-up menu. You can quickly filter room results by using the search bar on the top right. The search bar will recognize either the room type or room name and the filter results will appear as soon as you start typing. On the popup screen you can select the date during the stay where the guest needs to change rooms. You will only be permitted to select dates within their current stay unless you extend the length of their reservation. You won’t be able to extend the checkout if there's already a reservation in place in that room at a future date, preventing you from making a double booking.

After you’ve selected the room and date for the split, the updated information will display on the folio screen and the rate will update accordingly. When you're satisfied with the changes, click save and the changes will be reflected on the tape chart. If you want to remove the split, simply reduce the check-out date to omit the split and then re-save the folio.

If you ever need assistance splitting a reservation please call our free support line at 415-800-5940 Ext 3 or contact