How It Works: Managing Work Shifts


Why It Is Important: 

Find Out What Happened and When It Happened

Setting up shifts is a useful tool for auditing and checking operations that have been processed during particular time periods. You can also run reports by individual shifts to track back various activities such as who took a guest payment and when they did it. 

How It Works:

Managing Work Shifts

To start creating shifts first go to your Admin Settings. Under the section ‘Users’, click on the blue link SHIFTS. You will see a scroll down menu with the option ‘Single Shift’. Click on the scroll down menu, and select ‘Multiple Shifts’ to enable the creation of more shifts.

  • To add a shift, click on the green button ADD SHIFT, and fill in the relevant information.

  • To edit a shift, click on the blue link EDIT on the right-hand side of the shift and you can then change the shift Title and Description.

  • To deactivate a shift, uncheck the blue box under the ‘Status’ column.

Once shifts are created, users will be prompted to select a shift when they log in to Frontdesk Anywhere. Multiple users can join the same shift, or each person can operate on two different shifts at the same time. Make sure that each person closes their shift at the end of it. On the Tape Chart, click on the black link on the top right-hand side of the screen Close Shift.

In the interest of being more environment-friendly, use the print button if you want a printed report or simply click the close shift button to stay paperless.

If you need any assistance working with shifts call our support line on 415-800-5950 Ext 3 or email