How It Works: Housekeeping Rules

Why It Is Important:

Keep Your Guests Room Clean Without Disrupting Their Privacy

Among the top complaints of guests at hotels or any lodging property is an untidy room. Finding the right housekeeping staff can be difficult but managing how they work doesn’t have to be with Frontdesk Anywhere. If you’re entertaining long term guests, they may wish to have their rooms cleaned less frequently than usual. This is where the housekeeping rules come into play in Frontdesk Anywhere. These simple rules ensure your guests room is kept clean while not being serviced more often than is necessary.

How It Works:

The Housekeeping Module

When viewing the Frontdesk Tape Chart, click on the Housekeeping tab at the top of the page. From here you can manage all aspects of the housekeeping workflow including assigning staff to rooms, update statuses and set rooms cleaning priority to high or low. Each room will have a status such as Clean, Inspect, Dirty etc, which is defined by a unique color. These colors are updated daily depending on what point the guest is at in their stay. Check out our other How It Works post to read how you can customize Display Colors.

Creating Housekeeping Rules

If you have a long term guest that requests for their room to cleaned only every few days you can create a specific rule for this. Go to the Admin Settings in your account and click on Display Colors under the General tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see Housekeeping User Defined Colors. Click on the green Add button. Choose your unique color code, then choose a name for the rule and fill it in under the Room Status. Click Save Changes.

Once you’ve created this rule you’ll need to go to the Housekeeping Rules section under the General tab to activate it. Click the green Add button to get started. First add a title for the rule. Next you’ll choose a Housekeeping status (this is the one you created in under User Defined Colors). The rule type will either be Interval based on room check-in date  or based on a day of the week. If you select the rule based on a day of the week you can choose to have this rule apply weekly, bi-weekly, or on a less frequent basis. If you have multiple rules you can set their priority here. You also have the option to apply these unique rules to all reservations at your property.
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