How to Attract European Travelers to Your Hotel


European Travelers Are Visiting America in Record Numbers! How You Can Attract Them to Your Hotel.

Over 75 million international travelers visited the United States in 2014, with nearly 13 million of those coming from Europe. These European travelers represent a huge opportunity for American hoteliers looking to expand their business. Your hotel will want to develop a strategy to attract these European travelers.

Importance of European Travelers

The number of European travelers to the United States in 2014 increased by 6% over 2013. The Euro has been strong compared to the Dollar, making it easy for Europeans to consider travel in the U. S. This trend shows no signs of slowing in the near future.

What can your hotel do to capture the business of these European travelers? Here are few tips for attracting these international travelers.

Online Travel Sites and Booking

European travelers are searching the Internet to plan their trips to American. Over 300 million searches were made by European travelers during the summer of 2014. You want to make sure that your hotel is listed on the most popular online booking sites in Europe. This is where an integrated property management system like Frontdesk Anywhere can really help. We can get your hotel listed on over 250 online booking sites. Our software can also manage your bookings so that you fill more rooms at the best price points. You will be on the best sites to attract European travelers.

Many travelers will not book through an online booking site, but will want to visit your website to book a room. You will need to have an effective online booking system on your own site. Due to the time difference, many European bookings will happen on it is night in the States. Your hotel night staff will not be equipped to handle these bookings. Frontdesk Anywhere has you covered here as well. Our online booking engine is world class.

Not Everyone Is Heading to Disney

Sure, Orlando is an incredibly popular destination for Europeans. But so are New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and many other great American cities (Read more on "Six Simple Ways Asian Hoteliers Can Attract American Travelers"). Travelers to these cities mainly fit the Adventure Seeker or Bucket Lister profiles.

Adventure Seekers are people in their late twenties or early thirties that are single or have young families. They are looking for new experiences of culture and adventure. Bucket Listers are older people on a fixed income in their retirement. They want to visit family, but also want breath-taking trips and cultural experiences.

You can use your hotel's blog to feature attractions in your area that appeal to these two personas. If you are located close to important historical, natural or cultural attractions make sure that this information appears on your blog and website. You could even provide trip itineraries to help people see the best attractions near your hotel. Also be sure to include how close your hotel is to an international airport so that European travelers know that they can travel easily toward their destination.

Don't miss out on all this business from European travelers. Put a marketing plan in place to attract them to your hotel today.

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