Online Hotel Software Firm Sees 300% Growth in Daily Users as Hotel Operators Move to Cloud Computing




One of the leading online hotel property management software firms, Frontdesk Anywhere announces key milestones: 9,000 daily users, 2.5 million monthly transactions and 500,000 room nights under management.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. - Frontdesk Anywhere, a leading web-based hotel management software firm, today announced that every day 9,000 people rely on their software to conduct transactions, up from 3,000 daily users. Those 9,000 people are conducting over 2.5 million transactions each month, from creating a new reservation booking at a property to checking-in a guest as they welcome them to the property.

"These numbers are a testament to the value that cloud-based hotel property management software brings to our customers," said Frontdesk Anywhere co-founder Thomas Lyle. "What these numbers tell me is that we have a robust solution that can carry the heavy workload of every season and that cloud computing is really spreading within hotel operators."

The company also has over 500,000 monthly room nights under management with many of them being sold online on top travel sales channels such as, Travelocity, FaceBook and the property's own website.

"We have seen significant growth since last year. Our technology is well suited for both desktops and mobile devices and we are seeing many forward thinking property managers adopt our software for both its functionality and ease of use," Lyle continued.

With nothing to download or install, a small property can be up-and-running within a few hours. Larger properties can be set-up rapidly as well with integrations to point-of-sale and door lock systems as well travel sales channels completed by the time all users are trained on the system. More than a standalone hotel property management software, Frontdesk Anywhere is an all-in-one system for management and distribution of accommodations online.

About Frontdesk Anywhere

Frontdesk Anywhere is a leading provider of innovative hotel management software for independent properties in the cloud. Currently, over 500,000 monthly room nights are managed with Frontdesk Anywhere -- at hotels, motels, inns, B &B, campgrounds and other accommodation facilities. The company is focused on converging processes traditionally performed by separate systems into a single all-in-one productivity application. All modules are seamlessly integrated within the application and accessible from any computer and most mobile devices. The company is a privately held corporation based in San Francisco, California.

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