Hotel Management System and Workforce Management Debut at International Hotel Motel Restaurant Show

Two Firms in the Online Hotel Management System and Workforce Management System Space Unify Business Management by Converging the Systems for Scheduling, Time Clocking and Running a Hotel Motel Business.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - Online hotel management system company Frontdesk Anywhere will reveal the extent of its joint venture with ShiftPlanning at the International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show in New York November 10th through 13th. The two companies have followed up on last month's partnership announcement by revealing that they are integrating their systems to make things run even more smoothly for clients.

The latest development means that the Frontdesk Anywhere hotel management system is able to offer advanced workforce management services on its own platform. "It makes for a quicker, more convenient offering for clients who are already seeing the immense benefits of managing their work schedules using ShiftPlanning's industry leading software," said Frontdesk Anywhere co-founder Thomas Lyle.

"The International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show gives us an opportunity to reveal to the industry how good this new system is. "Having it integrated into our own platform makes it easier for our clients who I know will save a lot of valuable time from this. "Don't forget, this is the same software that dealt with the scheduling needs at the London Olympics." The IHMRS will take place in New York from November 10 to 13. Frontdesk Anywhere and ShiftPlanning will be there to reveal the new platform and unveil their joint venture.

ShiftPlanning is the top choice for franchises, small businesses and large organisations in more than 60 countries. It allows businesses to schedule smarter and know exactly who is working, available, on overtime or vacation. Every hour an employee works is automatically registered and the information added to payroll so there is no need to spend valuable time totting up work hours every month. ShiftPlanning estimates that managers can cut the time spent on scheduling by up to 90%.

The simple software, which is now embedded on the Frontdesk Anywhere platform, allows employees to handle the bulk of scheduling related functions. The innovative technology is integrated with Facebook and can be installed from the Google Apps marketplace so setup is easy and fast. Like Frontdesk Anywhere, it is also compatible with mobile devices including iPhones and Android systems. Employees can also look at their schedules quickly and easily, from anywhere, as long as they have access to the internet.

About ShiftPlanning

ShiftPlanning's ( proprietary online software tackles the problem of employee scheduling head on by providing a centralized platform to both schedulers and employees. In fact, the company has reduced scheduling-related busy work by up to 80% for it's average client -- allowing managers to focus on growing their business and not on managing it. ShiftPlanning's biggest advantage is that it's available from any web browser and widely used mobile platforms to schedulers and employees alike. The company has created a straightforward solution that provides both managers and employees with the information they need to make better shift-related decisions. ShiftPlanning users benefit from streamlined communication flow and file sharing, open shifts that allow employees to select when they want to work, extensive reporting options, real-time schedule conflict avoidance, 3rd party integration, employee shift swapping, and online time-clocking; and, that's just the start of our useful features.

About Frontdesk Anywhere

Frontdesk Anywhere is a leading provider of innovative hotel management software for independent properties. To date, over 60,000 hotel guests have had their stay managed with Frontdesk Anywhere -- from the initial online booking process through arrival, onsite operations and checkout. The company is focused on converging processes traditionally performed by separate systems into a single all-in-one productivity application. All modules are seamlessly integrated within the application and accessible from any computer and most mobile devices. The company is a privately held corporation based in San Francisco, California.

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