Frontdesk Anywhere Announces New Responsive Online Booking Engine

Frontdesk Anywhere New Responsive Booking Engine

Frontdesk Anywhere, an award winning leader in cloud based property management software for the hotel industry today announced the release of its third generation, mobile optimized online booking engine.

Award winning hotel management software firm Frontdesk Anywhere announces the official release of its third generation online booking engine. The new Internet booking engine features a mobile friendly design built for guest conversion and powerful e-commerce reporting. The commission free booking engine is available now for its customers.

The update comes after more than a year of development and user testing and includes a number of much requested enhancements, such as:

  • Mobile responsiveness to adapt to current and future buying trends

  • Custom theme adjustments to match to the properties website

  • Conversion optimised design, including clear booking process, large room pictures, result filters by type and features, promo codes and more

  • Flexible unit types for mixed use properties, and different languages for the site visitors to chose

  • Google Analytics and Google E-Commerce support

“Mobile responsiveness was our first focus when designing Frontdesk Anywhere’s new booking engine” stated Frontdesk Anywhere CEO and Co-Founder Thomas Lyle. Indeed, the “mobile revolution” that is currently taking place means that mobile devices are quickly replacing the desktop as the first means to access the web and buy online. A study conducted by Max Starkov, president and CEO of HeBS Digital found that nearly 21% of bookings and 17% of room nights came from tablets and mobile devices. Frontdesk Anywhere made sure its responsive booking engine allows the layout, scale and orientation to be adapted to a mobile viewing experience. Along with encouraging people to make a booking it reduces the booking engine bounce rate, meaning the number of visitors who might otherwise get frustrated and leave.

As well as offering easy integration into the hotel website, the Frontdesk Anywhere booking engine can also be embedded into a property’s Facebook Business page and be connected to the property’s TripAdvisor TripConnect account.

The booking engine now features Google E-Commerce tracking to provide powerful insights about site visitors, when they book and what types of accommodations they book. “We recognize that hoteliers need to understand where their customers are coming from, that’s why we’ve introduced Google Analytics in our booking engine. This acts as a great tool to measure demographics such as the countries booking are made from, the browser customers use, days of the week that are most popular and specific booking times. The google eCommerce feature also breaks information down by room type and revenue” said Lyle.