6 Ways Your Independent Hotel Can Gain a Competitive Advantage Over Competition


The hospitality industry is always growing with newer hotels consistently entering the industry, which means, the competition is always heating up. While there are several ways of attracting travelers to your hotel, some methods are simply more effective than others. Continue reading to learn a few of the top ways to differentiate your hotel from the competition and win more loyal guests.


1- Not Just a Website

Traditionally, websites were designed to provide more information about the business, such as hours of operation, time, phone numbers etc. However, websites have evolved to be an interactive, 24/7 booking agent and personal assistant. Use your website to encourage visitors to check out your blog, browse your awesome TripAdvisor reviews, and empower them to book directly from the site.

No matter how small your independent hotel is, the website can be used to cast an elegant, state-of-the-art image of your property. The website can also be used to show off partnerships with event operators, local attractions, and tours for sightseeing. This presents multiple opportunities to increase revenue while increasing guest satisfaction.


2- Marketing Online

With a staggering 89% of consumers using search engines to influence their purchasing decisions, it's vital to have an effective search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. SEO ensures guests will be able to find your hotel easily. You should also ensure your hotel is listed in all of the local listings, so guests can find your property without having to go through an OTA.


3- Go Social

According to the Pew Research Center's Social Networking Fact Sheet, 74% of online adults use social networks. This presents an excellent opportunity to engage visitors and previous guests. Based on the previously mentioned survey,

  • 71% of adults use Facebook

  • 28% of adults are on LinkedIn and Pinterest

  • 26% of adults use Instagram

  • 23% of adults use Twitter

Since most of your guests are already on these social networks, it makes sense for your hotel to have an active presence. Make sure you post at the optimum time on each social network to bolster engagement. By having an active presence on social media coupled with an effective social media strategy, your hotel will attract more visitors and differentiate itself from the competition.


4- Offer Live Chat

According to research from Google, 52% of travelers will visit your hotel's website after seeing it on an OTA, which is known as the billboard effect. When they come to your website, they're usually looking for specific information or a specific question answered, which is why a live chat option is helpful. According to ATG & eMarketer, 90% of their survey respondents think of live chat as a helpful option, while 63% of them are more likely to go back to a site that offers live chat.


5- Explain the Bang for Their Buck

Instead of just stating your rate for a room, it's best to explain why the traveler should make the investment. The majority of travelers are not willing to compromise on their comfort. At the same time, they are willing to pay additional money for this comfort. It's your job to explain what they are getting for their money. By doing so, you will make it clear your hotel offers them the most bang for their buck.


6- Get the Competitive Advantage

While managing all of these facets can appear to be overwhelming, top hotels use technology to gain a competitive advantage. Frontdesk Anywhere is a property management system that doubles as a booking engine. It allows you to easily manage inventory across all channels, manage revenue, bolster online distribution, and even manage social media. Contact Frontdesk Anywhere today to learn more.

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