5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Hotel Subscriber List

Email marketing - and especially targeted emailing - is a proven method for independent hoteliers to increase repeat guests, direct bookings and keep hotel occupancy up year round - at a minimal cost. Sounds interesting, right? So where do we start?


I'd recommend to start with your subscriber list as it's the first pillar of your email marketing strategy. 
Whether you've already taken action to build your email list, or you're all new to this, find below 5 simple and actionnable tips to boost your guest subscriber list:

1. Incentivize your guests to subscribe to your list

2. Make sure you collect all email addresses

3. Leverage your social media

4. Use your current email list to gain more subscribers

5. Make the most of your hotel website 


About Travel Tech Strategies:

Travel Tech Strategies specializes in hotel marketing strategies that unleash your ability to surpass your competition in a highly competitive industry that pits hotels against not only other hotels but against the very powerful, savvy OTAs.

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