Zendesk: A Technology and Cultural Match

Frontdesk Anywhere enables small to mid-sized inns, hotels and hotel groups to better manage the sales and guest interaction processes and we’re in high demand.

But where there are customers, there are customer support requests to handle.

We started out managing customer support by email but problems quickly emerged. The trouble with email-based support is that too many messages end up in the spam folder and we just could not afford to have customer messages falling through the cracks.

We needed a way to get our customers more involved, rather than just having them email or phone in requests to customer support. The idea of an online support solution is that everyone involved in a ticket is able to share information and track it through to completion. It’s makes it easy to quantify exactly how productive and efficient we are, seeing in real time exactly how much progress my customer support team and developers have made against requests and how we’re prioritizing them. It also enhances our follow-through as we can easily see if a ticket hasn’t been responded to, and then send the customer a quick email to let them know we’re working on the issue. That kind of communication goes a long way!

Being based in Silicon Valley has many advantages. Not only do we have access to a fantastic and eclectic mix of talent but we’re also exposed to a plethora of amazing companies many of which are leading innovation within their field, and that’s how we came across Zendesk (More specifically it was on a Startup Crawl in late 2009 on which there office was one of the stops!)

Zendesk is web-based help desk software with an elegant support ticket system & a self-service customer support platform. It’s agile, smart and exactly what we were looking for. We integrated the Zendesk directly into our Frontdesk Anywhere Platform so now users can access their own personalized support center by simple clicking on the support tab within the Frontdesk Anywhere application. There they create and access their support tickets as well as training videos, documentation, FAQ’s, User Forums and a variety of other helpful material. We’re now providing what I see as Fanatical Customer Support and the response from our customers has been fantastic!

The goal of Zendesk is to fully democratize the “help desk,” making it possible for any company small or large to provide superior customer service while also empowering their customers. It’s got a nice ring to it, right?
What they aspire to do for their customers is exactly what Frontdesk Anywhere is doing for ours.