How It Works: Single Item Transfer

Why It Is Important:

Split The Bill Between Guests

Splitting a guest’s bill to either share the charges with one or potential multiple other guests or to be billed later is an important part of the revenue collection process. Now, this process is simpler than ever with our Single Item Transfer feature. This is a fantastic resource that allows properties even more flexibility to bill separate accounts with charges originating in the same folio.

How It Works:

Single Item Transfers

The Single Item Transfer feature allows you to transfer any single, grouping or your entire guest’s lodging charges directly to a Direct Bill account. You’ll be able to distribute charges between multiple guest accounts in just a few clicks. The Single Item Transfer feature can be located on the payment screen of any existing folio. Once in Direct Billing, your bookkeeper can create an invoice and apply any payments.

To benefit from the Single Item Transfer feature you must have Direct Billing enabled on your Frontdesk Anywhere account. If you wish to take advantage of Single Line Item and Direct Billing features, please call us at 415-800-5940 or email to learn more.