Why Should Your Hotel Migrate to the Cloud?



Most companies have similar challenges when it comes to cloud-based migrations. For instance, project resource management and IT resource dedication (or expertise) can make a cloud migration seem daunting. One of the most critical advantages of migrating your hotel or other property type business to the cloud is cost reduction benefits thus freeing up resources and budget to be utilized more efficiently and on projects that have a higher return.

After the cost savings, worries about compatibility between systems goes away with cloud-based systems. No longer do you need to worry about if a system is PC or Mac compatible or if you can access your data from your smart phone. Cloud-based systems support almost all platforms as they are accessed from a browser and thus they can run on any device that has a browser.

Beware of the False Cloud

Some systems will offer a downloadable application, sometimes called a native app, that can be used to enrich the experience, especially on mobile devices. However, if the only way to access your data is via a software you have to download and install then you are not using a true cloud-based system!

Things to Consider

Businesses wishing to move their hotel management software to the cloud should seriously consider these questions:

  • What are the underlying drivers in your business that compel you to tap into cloud? Is it for new functionality or applications; or is it to move your existing solutions?
  • How clearly are these drivers defined and communicated to the relevant project team?
  • What needs of the business will be served by the cloud solution?
  • Will the cloud solution work with other systems or will it work independently?
  • Will the planned solution be a part of an already established cloud platform?
  • How many users will access this platform?
  • What kind of training and support will be required?
  • What is cost for the lifecycle of this solution?
  • Are you able to find a service provider offering a “pay per use” model to enhance your cash flow?

Along with the cost savings, especially when comparing to purchasing new systems, cross-platform support migrating to the cloud offers many advantages to the hotel business operations team:

  • Simplified interface with typically very little learning curve involved for your team
  • Simplified IT management needs
  • Interconnectivity with travel sellers such as Expedia and the GDS enhancing your ability to sell more rooms
  • Interconnectivity with other business services such as banks, onsite systems and revenue management platforms
  • Continued and ongoing product updates and feature enhancements
  • Utilization of IT hardware for other projects
  • Re-purpose of space since servers are no longer on site
  • Reduced energy costs

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