Why Do TripAdvisor Reviews Matter for Hoteliers?

TripAdvisor Importance for Hoteliers

The Internet has changed practically everything, especially the way your guests travel. With the emergence of social media and various consumer review sites, TripAdvisor has emerged as the leader in hotel industries. As a result, it's vital you not only pay attention to TripAdvisor reviews but actively manage your reputation.


[fa icon="book"] Customers Read Reviews

According to a Forrester survey of over 2,100 travelers commissioned by TripAdvisor, 81% of travelers suggest reviews are important, while only 3% suggest they were not. However, almost half of the respondents to the survey said they wouldn't book a hotel unless it had reviews.  


[fa icon="smile-o"][fa icon="meh-o"][fa icon="frown-o"] Rankings Matter to Guests

Great hotel rankings on TripAdvisor is more than for show. In reality, hotels with good rankings enjoy higher booking, higher average daily rate, and revenue. Hotels ranked number one on TripAdvisor earn a staggering 56% more direct bookings each month compared to hotels ranked 40th in their respective city.


[fa icon="star"][fa icon="star"][fa icon="star"][fa icon="star"][fa icon="star-half-o"] High TripAdvisor Rankings Means Bonus Benefits

When you have high reviews on TripAdvisor, your property will become highly visible. The top 30 hotels on the platform receive highly coveted positioning on page one. In addition, the top five hotels can be seen by every potential customer considering your location as a destination. The top three hotels have a special offer and can be included in a TripAdvisor newsletter at no additional charge to you.


[fa icon="hand-o-right"] TripAdvisor Is the Boss

Just as Google is the boss in the world of search engines, TripAdvisor is the dominating force in the world of hotel reviews. TripAdvisor accounts for more reviews than the next 10 review sites combined. TripAdvisor hosts more than 250 million consumer reviews from travelers around the world.


[fa icon="angle-double-left][fa icon="globe"][fa icon="angle-double-right] OTAs Use

High rankings on TripAdvisor doesn't just help you get bookings and referral traffic. It also allows you to get more bookings from every OTA. Practically every OTA utilizes TripAdvisor to help their users find hotels. Simply put, you get a high ranking on TripAdvisor and you stand to get more bookings from the following major OTAs:

  • Booking.com

  • Expedia.com

  • MakeMyTrip.com

  • ClearTrip

[fa icon="arrow-up"] Tips for Improving TripAdvisor Ranking

[fa icon="pencil-square-o"] Embrace and Respond to Negative Reviews

Since no one is perfect, you will more than likely get negative reviews. Instead of taking it personally, it's best to embrace this feedback and make operational improvements. You should also offer the guest an appropriate response because it will send the message to other travelers that you care, which will open the door for more reviews.

[fa icon="pencil-square-o"] Make Leaving a Review Simple

The goal is to make sure your happiest and delighted customers share their experience online, which is vital to counteract the negative reviews. One excellent way to do this is to make the process simple. Give your happy guests a leaflet with easy social media follow icons at the time of checkout. You can also use QR codes that will easily direct them to social review sites.

[fa icon="pencil-square-o"] Send Guests Email

When TripAdvisor reviews are used, time is of the essence. Simply put, a comment made two years ago would be significantly less relevant than a comment left a few days ago. As a result, it's important to keep fresh reviews coming in. One simple way to do this is to have your PMS send out an automated email 24 to 48 hours after the guest departs to guide them to TripAdvisor. Other hotels mention the review on the invoice. You can also share your TripAdvisor reviews on your Facebook page, which will remind others who recently stayed at your hotel.

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