How It Works: Promo Codes

How It Works - Promo Codes

Why It Is Important:

Share Secret Rates On Your Website For Special Customers

Group or promotion codes are a great way to publish secret rates to your website booking engine that only specific groups of people can see. The group can either be an organized set of people traveling together such as a business team, wedding or church group. Or, the group could be people in an advertising campaign such as in a magazine or email list. The ability to offer a special and unique rate via your website booking engine to a specific group affords you the ability to allow online, instant bookings while hiding those prices from the general public.

How It Works:

Promo and Group Codes

There are a few key settings that need to be set in order for promo codes to work. On the Add Promo Code screen in your Admin Settings section, you will find the following key settings that need to be configured for the

The Promo Code: This is the code that the guest needs to enter to see the available rates. It can be a combination of alpha and numeric digits but no spaces. Careful, it is case-sensitive.

Promo Code Title: This is the name of the promotion and is for your reference only.

Start Sale Date: This is the date that the promotion begins. The guest will not be able to find the promotion until this date is in the past.

End Sale Date: This is the date the promotion ends. The guest will not be able to find the promotion once this date is in the past.

Applicable Rates: Here you select which rates to display when the promo code has been entered. Any rate can be included with the promotion code, but only those rate that have the "Promo Code" option selected will be hidden until the correct promo code is entered. Read below on how to make a rate a hidden promo code rate.

Rate Set-up: Hiding rates from the public is very easy. When on the rate editor screen, enable the Oboe channel option by select the check box, then you will see more options specific to the booking engine. One of those options is Promo Rate. Select that box. Once saved, the rate will be hidden until a qualifying promo code is entered by the guest searching for availability.

Embedding Promo Rates: Promo rates can be embedded into links for your website or emailed out to a group organizer. Read more about this and configuring other settings with your booking engine in the Customizing Oboe in the support area of your account.