Top 5 Examples of Using the Internet of Everything for Your Property


The Internet of Everything and The Hospitality Industry [Part II]

Previously, we introduced the “Internet of Things” and spoke a bit about what it will mean to hospitality property owners in the future. It’s all well and good to discuss an idea, but it’s another thing entirely to see it in action.

Let’s explore some examples of how the Internet of Things will manifest in your property:

1. Accelerating Check-in and Checkout

Guests often have a fraught and hectic experience with check-in and checkout, especially if they are traveling on a tight schedule. In the near future, the reception desk may be entirely replaced by the concierge’s desk as timed electronic keys can be dispatched to guests’ devices.

2. Improving Room Security and Convenience

The Internet of Things will make it possible for guests to access their rooms instantly simply by having their mobile device ready, making lost keys a thing of the past and providing total room security. No more worrying whether the guest room was closed securely when you left!

3. Fast, Efficient Response for Room Service and More

Room service, toiletries, and housekeeping will soon be accessible with a single button click. Guests will see their needs taken care of sooner and can streamline processes by opting out of services they do not wish to receive, such as daily turndown or towel replacement.

4. Engaging, Customized Trip Planning

Out-of-town guests often want a local perspective when planning their visit. Connected mirrors will soon display important information like the weather, traffic conditions, and any pending appointments, making it far easier to plan a fulfilling and effective trip.

5. Meals Tailored to Dietary Requirements

Thanks to the Internet of Everything, hotel kitchens will soon be equipped to provide nutritious, satisfying meals aligned with the full array of dietary requirements. It will be easier than ever to deliver meals with appropriate ingredients, calorie count, and more.


This may seem like a tremendous amount of technology to deploy, but thanks to the power of cloud computing, it’s only getting easier to join your property seamlessly to the Internet of Everything. Since so many cloud devices are self-monitoring, problems can be solved fast, too.

Guest service functions will soon be moving into the cloud just as efficiently as administrative and financial ones. Frontdesk Anywhere customers are already enjoying the savings, accuracy, and efficiency that comes from harnessing the cloud to serve your guests.

How can you prepare for the Internet of Everything starting now?

We’ll discuss that topic in the third part of our series.