Tips From Boost you Visibility and Win More Bookings!


Do you want to increase your exposure to as many potential guests as possible and guarantee that your property is always visible on website and mobile apps? All you have to do is load your rates and availability for at least 12 months in advance.

Remember, if you don't have set them, customers won't be able to find and book your property - that create a lack of visibilty. 


Reach as many potential guests as possible!'s global audience of travellers is searching for accommodation throughout the entire year. Load your rates and availability as far in advance as possible to make sure you maximize your potential reservations.


Boost your ranking and revenue!


The further ahead that you load your rates details, the more visible you will be on Loading more rooms can also improve your ranking and your visibility, and consequently your chances of being seen and booked!


Stay one step ahead of the competition!


Having rates and availability for at least a year in advance helps you capture more early-bird reservations and gives you an advantage over your competitors. 


What if I haven't decided on my rates and availability yet?


That's ok! You can load your rates from the previous year and make any necessary changes later on. Having at least some available rooms loaded in our system guarantees that our property shows up in search results for guests who are looking now for future dates. 


I want to keep receiving reservations! What should I do?


Go to the Rates & Availability tab on your Extranet today and load your information for as far in the future as possible to keep winning more bookings!

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Now that you've learn how to improve you reservations, let's maximize your direct-bookings.