Is There Room for Personality at Independent Hotels?


Even in today's age of information, there is still plenty of room for personality in your independent hotel's marketing scheme. As a matter of fact, communicating your brand's personality will help to increase bookings. Continue reading to learn why there is always room for personality.

Share the Website

Your hotel's website represents its personal space on the world wide web and the most accurate source of information about your independent hotel. Use this opportunity to share the hotel's personality by:

Sharing Your Story

Use the website to share the story about the property, such as tidbits of information about the ownership, the beginnings of the property, or other cool facts. In any case, people love to know more about who and where they will be lodging with.

Sharing Your Brand

It's important to effectively have your brand display. It's best to develop a logo, use a particular font, implement color scheme, and make it a part of your brand. Use this template throughout your website, on your booking engine, and even in your email signature.

Sharing Utility

In addition to sharing your story and brand, it's vital to make your website useful. You can start by including all of the typical information your guests would inquire about over the phone. By doing so, you will anticipate the needs of your guests and communicate that your brand truly understands them.


Harness the Power of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

A large number of independent hotels are against OTAs because they suggest guests lose the personal touch when they get guests through them. Contrary to popular belief, OTAs can can bolster your online identity. OTA companies invest arduous amounts of money into online promoting, so when guests search for related keywords, your independent hotel shows up at the top. Best of all, when guests land on your independent hotel's OTA listing, you have control over the promotions, photos, and hotel descriptions they see. It's important to use the same branding fonts, color schemes, etc. on the OTA page that you have used throughout your website.

More importantly, you can use the OTA to legitimize your brand. According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association, a staggering 2.5 million bookings are affected every year by fake travels sites passing themselves off as the real thing.

Social Media and Review Sites

Simply put, a staggering number of your guests rely on hotel review sites, and 49% of travelers will not book a room without checking these reviews first. As a result, it's vital to use social media and review sites to create a powerful online word of mouth presence by engaging with future and previous guests by:

  • Making sure you respond to comments and messages regularly and quickly.

  • Acknowledging both negative and positive guest feedback.

  • Making sure only a few people at your independent hotel are responsible for responding to reviews online.

  • Asking guests (mainly satisfied guests) to provide their support and feedback.

  • Never offering compensation through online reviews.

Whether it's your website, social media, or OTA profiles, you should provide travelers with helpful information that brings them closer to your brand. Most importantly, you should make sure your PMS offers instant booking capabilities. With the seamless integration of Frontdesk Anywhere, travelers will be able to instantly book through Facebook and several OTAs. At the same time, Frontdesk Anywhere makes managing your brand a simple and intuitive process. For more information on how to make sure you save room for personality, contact Frontdesk Anywhere.


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