How the lack of awareness in new technology prevents hoteliers from growing their business

Many small, mid and larger size hospitality businesses have one thing in common: lack of awareness of new modern tools that are now available to help them grow their businesses. Regardless of the size of a property, if it’s a resort, a hotel, motel, hostel, or a B&B, a system has to be in place in order for the property to manage guests reservations as well as its inventory and rates that are being offered on OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), GDS, the hotel booking engine etc…

For some businesses, having a system in place means having a pen and paper and manage rates and inventory on OTAs manually. Some other properties do have an ancient property management system installed on their computer(s) and do spend hours every day keeping track of their activities on OTAs in order to consolidate the information in their outdated PMS and reservations coming in from the internet and travel agents. And some other properties, typically larger hotels and resorts, will have very expensive and complex systems installed on site. The most know system of that type is Micros Opera. Many people today still believe that Micros Opera is the only option for them to run and manage their hospitality business though it’s an outdated, not user-friendly and very expensive system.

Many owners and managers aren’t aware that there are now affordable solutions available to them to help them better manage their property, from a B&B to a larger resort.

Due to the lack of time owners and manager have available to look for any better solution, many of them aren’t aware of the latest tools that they could benefit from.

When being shown what a modern cloud property management system could do for them, all are blown away and start wondering how come they weren’t aware of such opportunity. No more hours wasted daily on tasks that can be taken care off automatically for you. No more long training sessions required learning how to use their property management system. And no need to spend big $ in order to get the best for their property.

The challenge for companies offering far better solutions to hoteliers is to make them aware they exist. Hotel owners and managers do realize they can improve the way they manage their business and are willing to make the right move if it’s proven it will help their business grow. It’s now the companies providing great modern property management system to find the best way to reach out to those hospitality business owners. A large majority of them are certainly eager to learn more and take the best decision for their property..