How It Works: Unassigned Reservations

HowitworksUnassignedReservationsWhy It Is Important:

Manage Your Overbookings In The Face of Guest Cancellations 

The Unassigned room status is just one of many features that allows Frontdesk Anywhere the flexibility to cater to any managers operating style. An unassigned reservation in the system is allocated to a certain room type, but not a specific room number within that room type.

Unassigned reservations will count towards the total availability of the comprising room type, but it will not be visibly assigned to a cell on the tape chart. Many hotels choose to operate at near full capacity in the expectation they’ll have some cancellations. The unassigned reservation feature provides a convenient way to accommodate for guests that you don’t have a room for yet and protects you from making an overbooking.

How It Works:

Changing A Guests Stay to Unassigned

From observing only the green blocks on the tapechart, a room type can appear completely available for a certain date. Upon further inspection, you may find there are unassigned rooms, which reduces the total availability according to the number of unassigned rooms. All reservations without a room assignment will be noted as “Unassigned” under the Room Number column. To open any of these unassigned folios on the tapechart, navigate towards the room number column. Once there you should hover your mouse over the grey bar, a pop-up will appear with a list of the unassigned folio numbers. This will show either a single folio or multiple folios, depending on how many unassigned reservations you have. Click the hyperlinked folio number with the guests name and the folio will appear in a new window.  

You can also combine the Block and Hold room features with the Unassigned room feature. If a room type has zero availability on certain days, the blocks on the tapechart without an assigned folio will appear as a slightly lighter shade of green. This acts as a quick visual indicator to illustrate that even though the blocks have no assigned folio, they are still unavailable due to the unassigned reservations.

You can also view your unassigned reservations from your list of arrivals. To access this list, click the Check in list link located under the Room Operations section of the Navigation bar. Once the list is open, select an appropriate date range and then click Search. The report will generate a summary of folios arriving between the date range you selected. If you need any assistance be sure to get in touch with us via our free support line at 415-800-5940 Ext 3 or contact