How It Works: Blocks and Holds


Why It Is Important:

Set Aside Rooms That Should Not Be Rented (DNR) or For Guests Who Haven't Confirmed The Reservation.

Every hotelier likes to run their property at near full capacity; after all more guests means more money. Sometimes it’s necessary to hold a room for a special guest or block off a room that’s under renovation. Frontdesk Anywhere offers two unique features, room Holds and room Blocks to accommodate your needs during those busy periods where certain rooms need to remain unoccupied.

How It Works:

Blocking and Holding Rooms In Your Frontdesk Anywhere Account 


The Block/DNR (Do Not Rent) feature is intended for use when a room is under repair due to damage or if upgrades are taking place. Basically it can be used any time a room is not fit for a guest to stay in. It can be applied to a single room for a single date or multiple rooms over a longer period using the group reservation block feature. The Block/DNR feature will take that room completely out of inventory thus not negatively impacting RevPAR and occupancy percentage. Blocked rooms do not appear on reports and cannot be booked online.


Using the Hold room feature is ideal for those occasions when you are expecting guests but they are not yet able to commit to the booking. If you are expecting a large party of guests such as for a wedding, many rooms can be held at once and then converted into an actual reservation at a later date. Like the Block feature, holding a room will reduce its availability on your Frontdesk and across other bookable channels however it will not take the room out of reporting inventory.

Both the Block and Hold statuses are created in the same manner as creating a regular folio – including needing the name fields completed.

Note: A Blocked room cannot be converted into a reservation but Held rooms can be. In order to book a room with a block in place the block must first be removed by clicking ‘Unblock’ to open the room for new reservations. If you ever need any assistance managing your blocks or holds please call our free support line at 415-800-5940 Ext 3 or contact