Hotel Management System Provider Announces Hotel Online Booking Manager

Online hotel management system provider Frontdesk Anywhere announces its new platform that tracks hotel online bookings and automatically updates information sent to over 130 internet travel agencies.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - Online hotel management system provider Frontdesk Anywhere is developing a state of the art system that administers bookings for Expedia, Agoda and more than 130 international travel agents.

Expanding on the company's web-based hotel software platform, the channel manager means that clients will no longer have to manually update when rooms are booked and because Frontdesk Anywhere keeps constant track of room availability, the information on the web will always be accurate.

“In keeping with our philosophy to keep things simple, it will be a very easy system to use will take away a lot of hassle of managing travel agency bookings for many of our clients,” said Frontdesk Anywhere co-founder Thomas Lyle. “Our system will constantly track room availability and send accurate, up to the minute information so online inventory reflects exactly what is available.”

For the property manager there is a further benefit. Rather than having to manually update the records at the property when someone books a room online, Frontdesk Anywhere's new system will do so automatically. The two-way system means that not only is the hotel up to speed on room availability, guests will not be mislead when making online bookings.

“When you look at how many booking engines there are now, it is a mammoth task to keep them all updated with correct information about room availability at your property,” said Mr Lyle. “Our system takes away the need to do that and ensures there will be no double-booking so staff know they aren't going to disappoint their guests by offering rooms that have already been booked through an online travel agent.”

Hotels can deal with up to 15 booking agent sites so a change in room rates can require hours of work updating online information. When the new service is launched, the information needs to be updated just once and is sent to all the booking agents instantly. Mr Lyle said: “No longer will staff be tied up inputting data to keep online information up to date and managers will be sure what they are putting out is correct.”

The more than 130 sites currently planned for the rollout include Agoda, Expedia, Hotwire,,, and Travelocity. With 43% of the online booking market, Expedia is a vital tool for many hotels while is Europe's largest travel agency.

“Linking my hotel management software directly to Expedia made perfect sense,” said Eric Jursin, owner of the Tavern Hotel in Cottonwood, Arizona. “My Frontdesk Anywhere account handles all of the booking retrievals and updates the inventory availability so I no longer oversell my rooms.”

About Frontdesk Anywhere

Frontdesk Anywhere is a leading provider of innovative hotel management software for independent properties. To date, over 60,000 hotel guests have had their stay managed with Frontdesk Anywhere – from the initial online booking process through arrival, onsite operations and checkout. The company is focused on converging processes traditionally performed by separate systems into a single all-in-one productivity application. All modules are seamlessly integrated within the application and accessible from any computer and most mobile devices. The company is a privately held corporation based in San Francisco, California.

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