Let’s Help Our Hotelier Comrades in Cabo San Lucas


Cabo San Lucas, located in the Mexican Baja California peninsula, is a major touristic destination in the country. The beaches are gorgeous and the coasts are literally paradisiacal.

Unfortunately for the inhabitants, things particularly went wrong recently as one of the worst hurricanes ever seen hardly hit the idyllic region. The storm Odile devastated the area causing serious damages and affecting thousands of people who are locals and tourists.

We sadly learnt that hospitality comrades lost their homes during the nightmare. Our thoughts are with them. Now comes the rebuilding time for those who are trying to return to normal life.

The Bungalows Hotel took the great initiative to organize donations to help the hotel’s employees repairing and rebuilding their homes.

We wished to share the information with our readers. You can click on this link to contribute. Your assistance and support will be more than appreciated.

Please do not hesitate to spread the word for the severely affected families.