Frontdesk Anywhere Unveils Partnership with Leading iPad-based Point of Sale System Firm, Aireus



The Aireus partnership with hotel management software firm Frontdesk Anywhere brings now the powerful POS software on the iPad to hoteliers. Hotel operators can also now benefit from the portable POS tool and make business more efficient as the system is fully operational.


Aireus’ iPad based POS system works right out of the box. The company has successfully harnessed the power and flexibility of the iPad to make it easier for the restaurants and bars to manage operations completely in the cloud.

“We are thrilled to be selected by Frontdesk Anywhere as a preferred POS partner and we’re excited to provide a technology platform on which we can work together by providing cutting edge best of breed solutions to our mutual customers as we look forward to a long and successful partnership,” said Paul Perri, Executive Vice President COO, Aireus.

“Operational efficiency is crucial for hoteliers. Frontdesk Anywhere is always looking for new ways to streamline processes and make life easier for hotels and their staff so they can concentrate on what’s most important; the guest experience. Aireus is a next generation cloud POS system which perfectly addresses our customers needs and expectations. We’re delighted to welcome Aireus into our web-based ecosystem of partners and look forward innovating together to better the overall experience for guest and hotelier alike“, stated Joe Kiernan, Co-Founder and CTO, Frontdesk Anywhere.

What are the new features for the Frondesk Anywhere’s users?

Any kind of property having a point of sale (restaurant, bar, spa or gift shop) can have access to many features from their Ipad including:

- manage the point of sale from anywhere.
- add a client purchase immediately to the guest’s folio.

- take online web ordering.
- create customizable reward program for customer loyalty.

What are the benefits?


- free new tool, users don’t need to spend extra money to use the new features.

- increase in mobility, staff can use the Ipad from anywhere (even offline).
- save precious time and increase operational efficiency.

- improve customer service and guest experience.

Frontdesk Anywhere’s integration with Aireus makes it easier for the diverse needs of busy properties by offering a quick and convenient transfer system on the go. Through this new partnership, hoteliers can better streamline their sales process and manage their point of sales even more efficiently in the cloud.


About Aireus

The Aireus restaurant software solution can be implemented at a single or multi-unit property and can scale to a business with thousands of iPad’s spread over many properties. Users are able to create and define new menu items, employees, discounts, tender methods and much more all across a single restaurant or enterprise properties. Because you can simply just log into the back-office portal from any browser this allows users true mobility and freedom to be anyplace, anywhere, anytime to make changes to their configuration. With modern architecture, Aireus allows for scalability, resiliency, integration, and flexible configuration deployment options, Aireus is the complete enterprise solution to orchestrate your restaurant POS technology needs. Aireus is known in the industry for providing innovative, high tech systems to its many valued customers, and its iPad POS systems are among the most cutting edge options available.

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