Frontdesk Anywhere Testing Best of Breed User Interface Design in Enterprise Software



Hotel management software firm Frontdesk Anywhere has been innovating and testing a new user interface that will pioneer how enterprise systems for the hospitality industry will look and operate. This new user interface, also referred to as UI, will feature a modern look that pulls design queues from current flat design trends and mobile friendly practices.

Frontdesk Anywhere is now transitioning to a more minimalist style of design for its interface in order to offer the best experience for its daily users. Indeed, while maintaining the same essential features of the property management system, the new user interface will contain an optimized navigation and enhanced tape chart system. It will be easier for users to navigate, find the functionalities they are after as well as improving the efficiency of their processes.

Following Mary Meeker’s report on 2014 Internet trends, she noted that mobile data traffic is up 81% year-over-year. Thus, it is paramount to provide the best experience possible for traditional desktop users as well as the growing population of users accessing their account through mobile devices. Many existing Frontdesk Anywhere customers already use Ipads and other tablets to manage their properties and the modernized UI will make it even easier for them to do so.

“We have learned a lot over the past five years from studying user interactions with our system,” co-founder and CEO Thomas Lyle stated. “We brought on a team of experts who were tasked with bringing design best practices to the application and for the industry. As always, we believe in continually improving our offering, making it better and more robust.”