Frontdesk Anywhere - System Update for Room Shares

During the week of April 1st, 2013, our weekly update will include the capability to add multiple guests to the same room folio. This update significant changes and enhances how guest profiles are stored and displayed.

Everything stays the same when making a new reservation.

Once the reservation is saved, the guest profile will be locked to prevent accidental changes.

Click on the Edit Guest link to make corrections to the guest profile. The Change Guest feature allows you to replace the guest with another.

The name of the guest will still be locked. If you need to correct the first or last name, you can click on the Correct link to update the name. All reservations for this guest profile will be updated with the change.

Click on the plus button [ + ] at the top of the Guest Profile screen add additional guests.

Click on the Additional Guests tab to view a list of all of the guest details associated with the reservation. Additional guests can be removed or edited in the same manner of the primary guest. Each time a guest is added the occupancy setting for the reservation is updated. You cannot add more guests to a folio than the room is set to hold.

Click on the Primary Guest tab to view the primary guest details.

Additional guests are searchable in the Quick Look-up feature and appear in the In-House Guest list report.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this great new feature.

The Frontdesk Anywhere Team

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