Frontdesk Anywhere Joins California Lodging Industry Association (CLIA)

March 10, 2011 SAN FRANCISCO - Frontdesk Anywhere has partnered with the California Lodging Industry Association - CLIA as part of it ongoing effort to support the lodging industry. Both the California Lodging Industry Association and Frontdesk Anywhere are committed to serving lodging owners and their management teams and providing tools for their success.

The California Lodging Industry Association, also known as CLIA, is dedicated to serving all types of lodging owners and options all over the state of California. "We are a unique membership organization and an engine for California lodging owners and their management teams" said CLIA Chairman and lodging owner, Howard Mathews. "Our goal is to promote, protect and advance the interests of all CLIA members."

Frontdesk Anywhere shares many of the ideals of CLIA, including striving to provide opportunities for Inn owners and managers to grow their business through operational and technology efficiencies. The people of Frontdesk Anywhere are proud to be affiliated with CLIA and to support its goals of promoting the lodging industry.

About CLIA
A dynamic, growing organization committed to serving California's lodging owners and their management teams. Based in Sacramento, the State Capitol, CLIA is the recognized lodging advocacy leader. Focused exclusively on California, CLIA works in concert with other leading hospitality and business groups to support and protect California's $95 billion tourism industry, through responsible advocacy. In addition, CLIA continually provides education and training to improve profitability and performance. CLIA is an organization you can count on to get answers, and a productive place to network.

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About Frontdesk Anywhere
Frontdesk Anywhere is a provider of hotel management software via an innovative web interface. With nothing to download or install and its cross platform support, Frontdesk Anywhere can be utilized by anyone, anywhere with an Internet connection. Large hotels and small inns alike can take advantage of the easy to use features. Several editions are available to address the specific needs of the property whether it is a 10 room Bed & Breakfast, 30 bed hostel, 50 room motel or a 300 room hotel.

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