Frontdesk Anywhere Boosts Revenue for Hotels with New Revenue Management Offering From PriceMatch



Frontdesk Anywhere unveils new partnership to provide hotel operators with an easy-to-use revenue management platform

Frontdesk Anywhere, provider of Cloud-based hotel management software, announces its partnership with PriceMatch bringing powerful new revenue management functionality to its customers. The revenue management engine uses complex algorithms and econometric tools to calculate the right price for the right room type to maximize revenue for the property. The service is easy enough for a property’s general manager to make intelligent pricing decisions while detailed enough for a professional revenue manager utilize as part of their arsenal of pricing tools.

PriceMatch continually data mines competitors' rates, historical demand, flight prices, e-reputation, weather forecasts, historical pick-up - and advanced econometric tools to predict future demand and pickup.

Hotel Revenue Management and Yield Management is the art of maximizing revenue per available room. It is one of the most effective ways for hotels to increase revenues without significant capital improvement investments. However it requires a lot of time and effort to stay on top of demand and manage ever changing rates across all distribution and sales channels on the Internet.

“The Frontdesk Anywhere - PriceMatch partnership introduces revenue management to a large number of property managers who have never been exposed to it before” said Thomas Lyle Co-founder of Frontdesk Anywhere. “The interface is fully integrated and easy to use for quick pricing management. Professional revenue managers can benefit as well as the system does a lot of the mundane research and provides a concise set of information for the revenue manager to apply to their expertise and intuition.”

"PriceMatch offers indeed the best-in-class dynamic pricing solutions for hotels.” added Charles Falanga PriceMatch Business Developer. “Our clients see a 7% increase in RevPAR on average, up to 25% for some properties. Revenue managers and General managers save time that they can spend focusing on long term strategies."



Booking Suite is an innovative start-up providing bespoke revenue management solutions to hotels. Using data mining (competitors' prices, historical demand, flight prices, e-reputation, weather forecasts, pick-up) and advanced econometric tools, the Booking Suite algorithms predict future demand and provide hoteliers with accurate rate recommendations.



Frontdesk Anywhere is a leading provider of innovative hotel management software for independent properties. The company is focused on converging processes traditionally performed by separate systems into a single all-in-one productivity application. All modules are seamlessly integrated within the application and accessible from any computer or connected mobile device. The company is a privately held corporation based in San Francisco, California. For more information check out: