The Fall 2011 Frontdesk Anywhere Northeast Road Tour




I am really excited. There has been so much happening recently: new customers, new alliances and presenting our first ever academic scholarship. It is hard to believe there is time to hit the road and meet some of our very interesting customers. Next week I am embarking on a road tour to meet personally our customers located in New England and the northeast. It is going to be great to meet some of the people behind the stories I hear on a daily basis.

Starting this weekend, we will be traveling from San Francisco to New England and then heading a short ways down the eastern seaboard. We can't meet everyone but I am looking forward to meeting all that we can. This being the shoulder season in the region it seems like a good opportunity to spend some time with our customers and hear about what we are doing well, where we can improve and how we can take the Frontdesk Anywhere application to the level.

If you are in the northeast and would like to meet us, please send an email to to schedule a time (there are only a few appointments left!). I am looking forward to the next time we are on the road to another part of the country and can visit the next bunch of very welcoming hoteliers.