Building the Truly Mobile Hotel Management Software App



Building a truly mobile hotel management software application is a daunting task. Hotel operators have potentially dozens of systems and processes in place that are either part of the hotel structure or ingrained on the way people work. As a cloud-based PMS, we have done a lot of the heavy work: moving the daily functions to the cloud. But there is so much more potential possible.

We find that KPIs and general manager access are a couple of the most requested functions. However, once the tether to the property is cut hotel operators will start to see how their systems, data and processes can be used in new and unique ways to provide a better experience for guests. When that happens, big returns can be seen by management.

A nice article was recently written about this topic by Hospitality Technology. One of our customers talks about how they use Frontdesk Anywhere solely on mobile devices. Read the full article at: