Automated Emails, a Powerful Marketing Tool Integrated to your Frontdesk Anywhere Account




Automated email is a powerful feature that came out earlier this year to bring your marketing efforts to the next level. Our built-in email engine will give you the opportunity to tailor emails to your the specific situation such as sending check-in instructions to requesting a TripAdvisor review after their stay. The possibilities to connect with your guests are endless. 

There are two types of automated emails:

1. Automated emails sent based on folio status changes

You can automatically send emails to a guest after key events in the reservation process: reservation creation, cancellation, check-in and checkout. Each email can be customized depending on the event it is attached to and you can attach multiple elements such as the summary of the guest receipt, general conditions and other guest messages previously set-up.

2. Email templates sent based on a combination of timed triggers and details about the guest’s stay.

Timed email templates allow for emails to be sent at a specific time prior to either arrival or departure. For example, a welcome email with directions, local attractions and perhaps a special offer can be sent a few days before the intended arrival date. Likewise, you may create a template email to be sent a few days after the departure. Email templates can be set-up for a single room and rate combination or for any number of combinations. This enables you to target your message based on the rate plan the guest is booked with and even down to where the guest is staying. This granular rule setting enables you to target specific guest types, specific groups or people staying at a specific location on the property (“Everyone loves the view from your room! We hope you will too!” or “Ask us about upgrading your room!”). Both of these email types are easily set-up in the Admin Settings area of your Frontdesk Anywhere account. Simply login and go to the General menu select either Automated Emails or Email Templates and Email Rules to get started.

The Frontdesk Anywhere Team