Social Media: 9 Tips to Double your Hotel's Instagram Followers

Posted by Helena Murphy on December 3, 2015 at 9:30 AM

Hotel Marketing, Social Media, Instagram.

We've spoken about Instagram here at Frontdesk Anywhere before but still many hoteliers seem to think that a presence on Facebook or Twitter means they can tick off Social Media. Your hotel is not on Facebook yet, or you need help: read this post to start storytelling through Facebook 

Whilst both plaftorms are great ways for hotels to communicate with the community, there is a platform that is perfect for hotels that’s being widely overlooked – Instagram. 

Although Instagram was not originally designed for businesses, due to its visual nature it is the perfect medium for image rich product like hotels, destinations, restaurants and bars. With over 400 million active montly accounts your hotel can't really afford not to be on there. 

Find below the 9 easy steps to include Instragram in your hotel marketing, and for those of you who don't have an account, may we suggest you get on board!

  1. Make It High-Quality
  2. Make It More Than The View
  3. Make It Trend
  4. Make It Cute
  5. Make It Funny
  6. Make It A Contest
  7. Make It Collaborative
  8. Make It Move
  9. Make It Enviable

Read the full and detailed post here on Capterra.

Topics: Hotel Marketing, Social Media

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