6 Ways to Pad Your Independent Hotel's Bottom Line with Upselling

Upselling Independent Hotels

Undoubtedly, the best way to bolster your hotel's revenue is to upsell. However, not all extras are created equally. It's vital to offer guests value-added products and services that gives them more bang for their buck while giving you more buck for your bang.

Here are 6 key strategies that independent hotels can use with upselling:

[fa icon="plane"] Provide Airport Service

Most guests hate finding transportation to and from the airport, but cannot risk missing their flight. On the other hand, you already know which services are affordable, reliable and reputable. Like a match made in heaven, it makes sense for you to offer them shuttle service to and from the airport. Simply form a partnership with a local shuttle service to offer them transport and bolster your bottom line.

[fa icon="signal"] Maximize WiFi

Although everyone expects WiFi, some guests have special connection needs and need faster Internet. For those guests, you can offer them the option to upgrade to your special WiFi connection. This will allow them to effectively video conference, transfer large files, or whatever other high-speed needs they may have. (Maximizing Wifi is also one of the methods to attract global travelers to your independent hotel)

[fa icon="dollar"][fa icon="arrow-down"] Discounted Room Upgrades

If you are looking for an excellent way to boost your revenue per booking, look no further than the rooms. It's extremely simple: when you have an empty expensive suite or room, ask the guest if they would like to upgrade at a discount. For instance:

  • Offer guests or couples rooms with special features, such as a hot tub.

  • Offer families an additional room at a discounted rate.

  • Offer bonus activity packages, amenities, or services.

  • Offer to upgrade guests to a different view, such as ocean view. 

It's best to offer them the discounted upgrade at their time of check-in. And it will very likely turn your happy guests into loyal repeat customers.

[fa icon="shopping-cart"] Offer Shopping Tours, Excursions, Etc.

According to TripAdvisor, 53% of travelers are interested in sightseeing, 35% in activities and 24% are more likely to spend money on shopping. Simply put, your guests travel to experience something different. It only makes sense to allow your guests to plan their excursion from your hotel. You can partner with local excursion and shopping tour companies to provide your guests with the services they want while increasing your revenue.

[fa icon="picture-o"] Dazzle Guest with Art

Hotel guests notice everything and are probably already admiring the artwork and the fine details of your property. One excellent idea from OccupancyLevel is to sell them the artwork directly off your wall. To get started, partner with local artists and ask to put their artwork on display. Then, make sure you place a price tag on the artwork in a discreet location to let customers know the piece is for sell. Finally, offer your customers a mailing service, which is another upsell opportunity, because most guests do not want to carry art around with them. 

[fa icon="users"] Provide Your Employees with Training

In any case, the largest obstacle for upselling in the hospitality industry is when your staff neglects to ask or are not properly trained. It's vital your staff understands the value of the products, services, and solutions offered to the guests. At the same time, it's vital you offer your staff a true incentive for upgrading customers. A few of the most important upselling techniques are to:

  • Always present the upsell as a one-time or unique offer.

  • Inquire whether the guest was informed of any available upgrades.

  • Always ask your guest open-ended questions, so you can understand their concerns and goals.

In the process of up selling your guests, it's vital to have an intuitive Property Management System to easily track the upgrades, such as Frontdesk Anywhere. Contact Frontdesk Anywhere today to learn how this intuitive, all-in-one solution is designed to increase upsells and your hotel revenue.

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