5 Tips to Select the Right Image to Increase Bookings


My work (and expertise) is to make hotel images convert better. I believe that is something every hotelier wants. Let me share with you a few tips.

First, What is a “Right” Image?

When it comes to booking conversion of hotel rooms, there are a lot of talks lately about having the “right” images. Let’s be more precise and change it into “the best converting images for a particular audience”. Because that is exactly what we want: that the online booker sees a hotel room, falls in love, and books it.

Do you know that your potential guest visits as much as 21 websites to get inspired before finally booking a room? Web visitors looking to book a room carefully screen images on your website, or on booking sites, and each time they see something they don’t like or something that frustrates them, they’ll simply move on to another website or to another hotel within a booking site.

After hours of browsing, a vast majority of users books the hotel rooms for which they had the best “feeling”, along with the best value for money. All kind of emotions and triggers - such as the use of colors - are involved in the guest’s decision to book that room and not another one.

When you combine all these different factors that play a part in the decision-making process with the diversity of your audience, you realize how complex selecting the “right” image may be. Hopefully, there are a certain number of items and details that people like when looking at a hotel picture, and that drive guests into booking a room, for example:

  • Your very first image has a banner function. It’s the front view to your property. Color and contrast are the magic words here, as they’ll catch the visitors’ attention in the split second visitors spend to judge a property.

  • The room’s details are important. People like to see thick towels, especially neatly put on the bed, as it expresses comfort and cleanliness. Watch out for overlighted windows. Include the floor in your picture as it gives guests an idea of the size of the room.

The key is to make sure these items are included into your pictures.

The next step is to add art & emotion. Guests value more a property that shows its assets in a beautiful, eye catching and artistic way. In addition, emotions create the connection between a potential guest and your hotel. What do you want to display? Fun family times? Romance? A relaxing atmosphere? etc. You need to ask yourself these questions to determine which pictures you need: a family playing in your pool, a couple having a drink in an intimate atmosphere, at your bar or in one of your rooms, or someone enjoying a massage.

5 Quick Tips

Now, discover 5 actionable tips to improve your images’ conversion:

[fa icon="check-square-o"] 1- Know your target. Identify what your guests want to see.

[fa icon="check-square-o"] 2-Trigger emotions. Each image should convey an emotion. Having people in a picture is a great way to express specific emotions.

[fa icon="check-square-o"] 3- Get help from a professional. Photography is an art, use a professional team to produce your photo set.

[fa icon="check-square-o"] 4- Review every detail. Everything counts. Each missed detail is a missed opportunity that can lead visitors to leave your website or booking page.

[fa icon="check-square-o"] 5- Choose pictures that look real. You will gain people’s trust and their confidence that the room they’ll book will be consistent with the room you display.


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