5 questions to ask when choosing a website development company

It's hard to underestimate the importance of your hotel website.
In order to give your property the best chance of success in a highly competitive marketplace, creating a great brand experience for your customers via an easy to navigate website is no longer a "nice to have" but a must.

With the great waves of marketing change over the past few years the social and mobile web has given hoteliers the power to choose on many different platforms. All this competition however leaves you with the task of finding the right development company to deliver your hotel's message to your potential guests in the most efficient and effective way possible. Travel Tech Strategies have shortlisted 5 key questions to ask: 

  1. Does hotel website development company understand the unique challenges of hotel website design?
  2. Does the hotel website development company build websites that travelers can access on their desktops, tablets, and phones?
  3. Is the hotel website development company skilled in SEO strategies?
  4. Is the hotel website development company knowledgeable about social marketing strategies? 
  5. What website traffic analytics does the hotel website development company provide?
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About Travel Tech Strategies:

Travel Tech Strategies specializes in hotel marketing strategies that unleash your ability to surpass your competition in a highly competitive industry that pits hotels against not only other hotels but against the very powerful, savvy OTAs.

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