4 Steps to Get Your Hotel Ready for the Internet of Things


The Internet of Everything and The Hospitality Industry [Part III]

The Internet of Everything is coming, and it stands to empower hospitality businesses to serve guests like never before. In the other installments of our series, we discussed what it is and some of the many ways it will impact the guest experience in years to come.

Now, it’s time to talk about how to position your hospitality business to take advantage of this emerging shift in hospitality. How can you prepare your business, your personnel, and your existing technology for the next step in hospitality?

1. Focus on Tech-Savvy Hires

As the Internet of Everything blossoms in your guest rooms, it will become more important that every member of the team have a basic familiarity with mobile technology. This includes both the ins and outs of smartphones as well as the software that ties your devices together.

2. Start Moving Toward the Cloud

The more familiar you are with getting the most from the cloud, the better off you’ll be. Tools like Frontdesk Anywhere can help you shift your thinking so that your entire business process can benefit from the cloud: from bookings to revenue management to operations and much more.

3. Start Thinking About Security

Many businesses don’t have formal policies in place when it comes to the security of Internet-enabled devices. If this describes you, start working on closing the most common security holes: A policy on things like company email and private device use can help protect your assets.

4. Plan for Your Ideal Guest Experience

There’s virtually no end to the possibilities that The Internet of Everything will deliver to your property. That said, not all technology will fit into the ideal experience you want to create. Start looking at your options and consider the costs and benefits of features you want to implement.

The Future is Now for the Hospitality Industry


The Internet of Everything is already making an impact in many other industries. In fact, some experts have claimed hospitality has been slow to react. Forward-thinking business leaders have nothing to lose and everything to gain when it comes to this cutting-edge approach to hospitality.

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