3 Things Hospitality Pros Need to Know About the Internet of Everything


The Internet of Everything and The Hospitality Industry [Part I]

Technology trends are afoot that will change the way successful hospitality businesses operate in the 21st century. With the release of Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system, the writing's on the wall for technology’s future: More and more devices will work together to deliver online connectivity and features that were hard to imagine just a few years ago.

According to experts at Gigaom, 19,000 different types of devices are running the Android mobile operating system. Microsoft’s move means the number of mobile, Internet-enabled devices is poised to explode and will go far beyond traditional computing. Everything from televisions to home appliances to hospitals will be part of the new revolution.

This is the “Internet of Everything,” and it stands to change everything in hospitality.

What are the key business factors property owners need to be aware of?


1. The Internet of Everything Makes it Possible to Customize Guest Experience

It was not that long ago when tailoring a guest’s experience to their needs required plenty of careful preparation from all members of the staff. Soon, everything from the in-room TV to the refrigerator to climate control can be configured to meet -- and even anticipate -- guest needs.

2. The Internet of Everything Soon Will Be a Necessity

Properties wishing to cultivate and maintain an elite image will soon be expected to understand and implement these guest-centered technologies. Businesses that fail to adapt run the risk of being seen as behind the times and out of sync with the most sought-after tourist destinations.

3. The Internet of Everything Can Save Money, Too

Certain customer service and administrative functions are irreplaceable. That said, guest rooms will continue to evolve into “self-sustaining” ecosystems where a dab of technological know-how will be just as important as the ability to provide a guest with a crisp daily turndown.

Those who take action and start planning for the Internet of Everything now will be positioned to enjoy the coming benefits. As the foremost provider of cloud-based property management software, we are pleased to introduce our clients to the future of hospitality.

We hope this three-part series will prove enlightening and provide you with plenty of actionable ideas when it comes to setting your business strategy in a hospitality environment that offers so many new opportunities and tools.