3 reasons to invest in technology?

Posted by Helena Murphy on January 16, 2016 at 9:30 AM

The only constant in life is change. If you want your hotel to survive, and to grow, not only do you need to keep up with change but also you need to be a change leader. Embracing new technology is no longer a one-time practice, but something you should look at as a continual process. However this investment should pay off with improvements in operations, security, and revenue generation for your hotel.

Many hotels struggle with the decision to invest in new technology for their hotel. Cloud PMS, cloud POS systems and other new hotel technology sounds intriguing but the decision to invest in new technology also carries uncertainty and anxiety.

There are a few very real reasons why investing in new technology for your hotel will pay off in the short term, as well as in the long term. 


Security — New hotel technology is built to offer protection from the types of data breaches of the past and meets and exceeds the standards of the present. The new cloud PMS and POS systems provide a platform for frequent security updates to match the threats of the future. While no one ever believes that their business will be hacked, the truth is that it happens far more often and that everyone is at risk for a breach. Investing in new technology to better protect payment information and data, delivers a strong ROI in protecting you from the cost of recovering from a breach. More on this topic: Checking in at a hotel? Hackers may be too from the Wall Street Journal

Efficiency — With new technology you should be able to replace multiple systems with one system. Right now you might be running your hotel business with an older PMS, spreadsheets, and pen and paper. New hotel technology can allow you to wrap all of those disparate methods into one simple system. Investing in new technology can enable you to do more with less staff, reducing costs.

Opportunity – New hotel technology allows you to gain better visibility and control over your inventory. With a better view of your inventory you can easily leverage modern yielding controls resulting in optimized rates and revenues. Distribution and online booking become less time intensive to manage with modern hotel technology. But best of all, you’ll gain a better understanding with your guests enabling you to provide better guest service which will encourage repeat stays and better reviews on social media.

Can you afford to stand still, or stay in the past?

Frontdesk Anywhere provides next-generation, native cloud hotel technology including PMS, POS, Reporting and more. The first step to moving to new technology is to contact solution providers and schedule a demonstration. Schedule a demo today.


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